Inclusion & Solidarity Through Story

There is no First World, no Third World. There is only “the world.”

Milennials in Kenyan refugee camps surf the internet. Coffee farmers in Guatemala are on Instagram.  Women in Afghanistan write social dissent poetry on their smartphones, sharing it on Facebook. People who have traditionally been marginalized are now part of the global mainstream, without waiting for the rest of the world to grant permission or provide the tools. Social movements are arising, powered by conversations.
Our mission is to accelerate that process by amplifying these voices.

Catalyst For Change

We believe that agendas for true social change must be driven by the people who have experienced the issues first-hand. We believe that big social issues need to be personalized for the real impact to be understood. We believe that for real change to happen, local voices need to be brought into the boardrooms and congress halls of the world’s decision makers.