What we believe is simple. Information is a human right. And every audience matters.

strongheart cinema

Inclusion Through Film

Films – whether amazing documentaries or beautifully-crafted scripted features – have the power to inspire change, expand our knowledge, and connect us to the wider world.
Strongheart Cinema facilitates film screenings for audiences who have been left out of the conversation in the past, using OPEN AIR CINEMA portable screening equipment.
Our pilot program was a ten film screening series in rural Liberia, featuring a slate including PRAY THE DEVIL BACK TO HELL, A SMALL ACT, and KASSIM THE DREAM.

screening series

open heart

Our second screening series took place in Rwanda in 2014, featuring OPEN HEART, an Academy-nominated documentary focusing on a group of Rwandan children on a life-and-death journey to receive heart surgery.  The film was shown in conjunction with a locally-produced, animated educational video detailing how to prevent the illness that led to the near-death conditions of the children in OPEN HEART. The screenings were coordinated with support of the Rwandan Ministry of Health. The health care workers, children and families in the film were a part of the screenings.