The individuals that Strongheart partners in our Change Agent Program with have lived through challenging circumstances and adversity. Their wellbeing and safety comes first and foremost throughout our work together. Sharing personal stories can be a taxing, emotionally draining process that requires consideration, kindness and care. Strongheart team members take measures to always ensure the emotional and physical safety and comfort of individuals we work with.

Accompaniment at Strongheart can also take form in helping accommodate individuals from different backgrounds to participate in events and settings that historically have barriers that limit access. These often include, but are not limited to:

  • Dual translation assistance,

  • Visa assistance,

  • Travel and logistics management,

  • Media management.

These dynamics and close relationships bring Strongheart into a tight-knit team ready to take on the big issues that individuals in our Change Agent Program care about most. We also appreciate our organizational partners’ understanding of the wellbeing priorities in our work together.




Strongheart also knows that education is central to an individual’s potential. We want everyone who participates in our Change Agent Program to have the educational foundation to succeed in their endeavors long after they graduate from their time with Strongheart.

Each individual in this program has different life circumstances and personal goals. Our assistance spans from needs assessment, scouting programs, and help in applications to applying for scholarships and fundraising for full financial support. These “Bridge Scholarships” help the individuals we partner with take leaps forward in their lives.