Meet Our Change Agent Cohort


Sonita Alizadeh is a young rapper and refugee from Afghanistan who escaped child marriage. Partnering with Strongheart as a Change Agent since early 2015, she has become the leading global youth voice on child marriage, co-created a curriculum used by high school students around the world and is a powerful social influencer. Sonita was recently named one of TIME Magazine’s Next Generation Leaders. She wants girls everywhere to have the freedom to be able to live their dreams. Catch a glimpse of her conviction in a video here.

Melquiades Huauya Ore is a survivor of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (TB) from Lima, Peru whose story is featured in Bending the Arc, an award-winning feature length documentary film. Partnering with Strongheart as a Change Agent since early 2017, he has become a leading survivor advocate influencing the highest levels of policy-makers. Most recently, he attended the first-ever United Nations High-Level Meeting on TB. His work in the year leading up to this event resulted in critical key points being written into the UN Political Declaration signed there by Heads of State.


Alphanso Appleton is an artist and surfer from Liberia who has suffered trauma from living through civil war, Ebola striking his family and friends, and the tragic death of his young daughter. Through Strongheart’s former Fellows Program, he gained psychosocial skills to support his well-being and resiliency. Photography and surfing have played a big role in his life, particularly in his healing journey. Last year, through the help of Strongheart, he moved to NYC for the International Center of Photography’s world renowned year-long intensive. Alphanso now wants to use the power of art and his own voice to positively impact global and country-level change for mental health.


Selina Eshraghi is an American college student, whose life has been affected by gun violence. Partnering with Strongheart, she is using her voice to advocate for common sense gun control legislation. Selina was a leader in Austin’s March for Our Lives, has held town halls with Texas policy makers, toured the state speaking with Parkland students, and most recently gave testimony at the Texas Capitol on gun violence and mental health.

We are currently seeking sponsors for our continued Change Agent Program with Melquiades


Our Change Agent Program with Selina is designed for abbreviated occasions as she pursues her education

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